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How to stop losing in sports betting

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The referee blows the final whistle. The last chance for winning your bet is lost. The ball licked the post on its way out, but did not go in. Can you relate to this? Have you ever felt a lump in your throat, a sense of emptiness and your temper pushing you to break anything within your arm's reach? We all hate losing a bet but it’s not like it's the end of the world. However, its harder to keep calm after you've lost five or six consecutive bets. Instead of drowning in a pool of desperation and self loathing we must ask ourselves how should we react after a series of lost bets? And how can we use this new found information to get back to winning?

The reverting ability

Everyone, even the very best punters encounter cold periods, oftentimes extremely long ones, that can seriously question the effectiveness of our prediction analysis. The reverting ability, the strength of overcoming a losing period with minimum losses on your account and no emotional damage, is what separates men from boys in betting. In other words, you have to manage how you lose.

The first thing you have to do is a necessary compromise with losing. If you can't accept losing, then perhaps you've picked the wrong "sport". Losing is as common as winning, as even in theory there are at least 50% chances of losing your bet (perhaps even higher in some cases).

Remember, acceptance is under no circumstances similar to submission. Some punters who constantly seek comeback wins or place large parlay bets (seven-fold or eight-fold) believing that they can get a big win with a single bet are oftentimes spending money to feed their gambling addiction. Losing becomes the norm and when they finally manage to win, they tend go over the top with their bets as they have little experience on how to manage a win. This addiction cycle affects their decision making to the point that as soon as they place a bet, they must quickly find a new opportunity that will cover their open bet in case it loses.

Betting secrets

Although the answer to the typical question “how to win a bet every time?” is a blunt "you simply can't" there are ways you can significantly limit your losses. If’you’re really tired of losing bet after bet, you can check the following tips.

  1. Study your strongest leagues: Learn as much as you can about tactics, history, relations and past results. Every match has its own background, you should have grasped it before placing your bet.
  2. Buy the best odds: It’s more profitable to have a betting account on multiple bookmakers (the basic rule suggests at least three) as you can find which one offers higher odds.
  3. Limit your selections: You have to be disciplined enough to not go overboard with your bets. Put your money onle where you’re absolutely confident that you’ll win.
  4. Expand your knowledge: Bookies are always shrewd when it comes to football, basketball or tennis. If you master a less popular sport (i.e. table tennis) you might be able to find some valued odds. Keep in mind that this requires hours upon hours of watching a particular sport before you start punting on it.

How to get back to winning

Don’t rush to regain

Rule No1: Don’t try to regain your losses at once by increasing your next wager. It’s a common reaction, especially if you lose because of a late goal. What you need to understand is that your mind isn’t clear. You’re anxious to get a “valuable” bet usually in a short period of time, so you convince yourself that you've discovered a “value bet” that doesn't actually exist.

Or perhaps, you decide to put your money on bets you rejected a few hours ago. What’s the result? In most cases, if not all, you’ll lose more money. And the feeling of misery will get even more intense. The best move after losing consecutively is: Close your laptop and decide your next bet only when you're completely calmed down and have a clear mind.

Don’t be afraid to blame yourself

Rule No 2: Don’t look for excuses to feel better. Sports are so unpredictable that you’ll easily find tons of them; you might even comfort yourself with some make-believed. A referee's mistake, an unbelievable lost chance, a childish error by a defender or goalkeeper, a tremendous goal from a low-quality opponent, bad weather, heavy pitch, all of these could serve as an excuse for your bad luck.

Some of them could be true, but if you focus on them, you miss the great picture: That you decided to put your money on a bet and now it's lost. Additionally, the same way you remember the times you were out of luck, you should remember every bet you’ve won by sheer luck, without actually deserving it. Trust me, there are lots of them as well. However, it's always easier to attribute them to skill rather than luck, or simply get the money and forget about them.

You have to be honest with yourself and master your ego. By considering yourself a betting genius each time you win and feeling the unluckiest person on earth when you lose, you’re not improving your predicting abilities. You’ll just keep repeating the same errors. And given that betting is a game of errors, the less you manage to make, the more money you will earn.

Check what went wrong

Rule No3: Make a detailed review of the match you’ve just lost. An honest review, focusing on the things you can control, like your decision. What went wrong? Did you overestimated the abilities of a specific team? Or perhaps you didn’t take notice of the bad weather that made the pitch heavier and scoring goals harder? Perhaps a key player was absent and you didn’t think that would be so important? These are the actual moves that will help you break the rump of your losing streak.







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